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USA Veteran’s Rifle Team

This site is intended as a means for Competitive Shooters from the United States who are trying out for the U.S. Veteran's Rifle Team to receive timely information from Team Management, and to keep there personal information up to date.  

All team communications will be posted in the "Team Forum" section so that all team members will be able to stay up to date with policies, practice and match information.  Moreover, members will be able to inform Team Management with their intentions for match and practice attendance.

History and Definition

A “Veteran” by the ICFRA Rules is an individual at least 60 years of age the year of the competition.

The first Veterans Rifle Team match was the brainchild of Scotty Nicholas of New Zealand (NZ) in the early 1990’s. He also developed the trophy for the World Veteran’s Championship. The trophy is made from a very unique piece of tree trunk that is indigenous to New Zealand. The piece was hand selected for the Veterans Rifle Team trophy. The winner of the trophy has the country’s name on a brass plaque on the back of the trophy.

The first Veterans Rifle team match was held in 1995. It is believed that the Australian Veterans Team won the trophy twice, with the third match in 1999. The 1999 USA Veterans Team was the first official USA Veterans Rifle Team ever to represent the United States.

There were 5 countries competing in the 1999 match: Great Britain, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and the USA. The ranges fired were 300, 600, 900 and 1000 yards, over two days. Scores of the medal winners were: Gold, USA 3813-251X, Silver, South Africa 3782-231X, Bronze, Australia 3752-217X.

The US Veterans Rifle Team was awarded a special plaque commemorating the USA win in 1999. This plaque was presented to Mr. Gil Gilchrist, Director, Competitions Division, USA National Rifle Association, to be placed on display at the NRA headquarters.

The Captains of all participating teams make up the World Veterans Council and decide where the next match will be held, as well as make other decisions. The matches are held every two years. In the years that include the World Palma Team Championships, the Veterans Team World Championship will be held at the same venue. At the two-year interval between World Palma Team Championships, the matches will be held at a host country decided by the World Veterans Council.


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